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WORLD ORGANIC: Certified Organic Products From New Zealand

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Divine products to fall in love with!

Becoming strong and fit ... staying injury-free ... having a ready solution to aches and pains ... all this we offer as part of our core services.

However, what about the skin? It is our largest organ and highly absorbent, so what we slather on will also have an effect on our health.

Do you know exactly what ingredients go into typical personal care products? Many are loaded with harmful chemicals, which can absorb and accumulate in our bodies - turning them into a toxic wasteland. YUCK! No wonder we get breakouts, rashes and worse.

Far better then, to use Certified Organic products that vibrate with the healing life force of the earth from which they came - free from the interference of harmful processes and substances which dilute, or worse, alter their very genetic codes.

And there's no better than these WORLD ORGANIC products from New Zealand! They smell heavenly, work like a dream, and are literally good enough to eat.



Rejuvenate Day Star SPF 30 Sunscreen

Finally!! If you, like us, find regular sunscreen to be harsh, irritating, and an all-round nightmare, this product is a long overdue wonder!

Natural, safe, broad spectrum and 99.6% natural, this amazing product has all of the good stuff - including Zinc Oxide (a gentle mineral sunscreen agent), Shea Butter and Aloe Vera (nourishing & moisturizing) ... with NONE of the bad stuff, such as oxybenzone, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and silicone.

GO ON - Give it a shake, slather it on, and go forth into the great outdoors while remaining healthy AND protected!

Rejuvenate Roll-on Crystal Deodorant

A safe and effective deodorant that contains natural crystal minerals and is free of perfumes and alcohol. It isn't sticky, and won't stain your clothes. No parabens in it either. What's not to love?

Calming Calendula Cream

This is a wonderful multi-purpose cream that relieves and soothes dried, chapped or troubled skin. It also treats insect bites, abrasions, infections, acne, and eczema flare-ups. Oh, and it smells great too!

Heavenly Words Lip Balm

Very effective at softening and shielding the lips from sun, wind, and temperature extremes. Another World Organic product we would find a little difficult to live without!

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