• Refine Your Run

    Running Form Analysis

  • Running Form Analysis

    Running Form Analysis

  • Personalized Fitness

    Personalized Fitness

  • Effective Myotherapy

    Effective Myotherapy

  • Empowerment Through Education 1

    Empowerment Through Education

  • Empowerment Through Education 2

    Empowerment Through Education

  • Professional Facility Design

    Professional Facility Design

SERVICES: Myotherapy

Services - Myotherapy

Multi-skilled physical therapy for the treatment of:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Physical Aches and Pains
  • Work Stress & Computer-related Tension

Our Myotherapist is registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health and affiliated with the Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia

SERVICES: Exercise

Services - Personalized Fitness

IGNITE your action potential with our GOAL-DRIVEN training methods! Efficient and comprehensive programs tailored to your requirements

Services - Sports-Specific Conditioning

Specialized & effective training to help you improve in your favourite sport

Services - Aqua Fitness

Strength, endurance & flexibility that's EASY ON THE JOINTS

Services - Boxing Circuit

Ramp it up with DYNAMIC, INTENSE, CALORIE-BLASTING routines!

Services - Seniors' Fitness

CONTROL OSTEOPOROSIS, develop strength, balance & flexibility

SERVICES: Education

Services - Corporate Wellness Program

Specifically designed to meet the needs of those who work in offices and live busy, demanding lives. Each session covers an essential topic and is able to stand on its own. Together, all 6 sessions of the complete program combine into an integrated and cohesive whole, in order to optimize corporate morale, productivity and performance:

  • Session 1: Office Ergonomics & Health
  • Session 2: Understanding, Preventing & Treating Common Aches & Pains
  • Session 3: Developing Core Strength
  • Session 4: Developing Functional Fitness to Suit Your Needs
  • Session 5: Pillars of Health
  • Session 6: Personal Safety & Self Defence

Our Corporate Wellness Program can also be modified or expanded, depending on your requirements.

Services - Talks, Workshops & Courses

Talks, Workshops & Courses to empower you to take charge of your own body and health. Topics are interesting and varied, and can include "Good Fats vs. Bad Fats", "Massage Therapy", "The Path to Fitness", "Strength Training to Prevent Osteoporosis", as well as customized talks upon request.

SERVICES: Fitness Facility Design & Implementation

Services - Fitness Facility Design & Implementation

Professional consultancy that will give your facility the EDGE

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