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OUR TEAM: Selina Foong

Selina Foong Profile

Managing Director

SELINA is a registered professional Architect and a certified fitness instructor. She plays an active role in BODYTECH, overseeing its direction, operations, and fitness facility design services.

SELINA is a keen traveller, swimmer, runner, triathlete…. as well as a sometime speedballer, and an obsessive observer of architectural details.

OUR TEAM: Adam Martin

Adam Martin Profile

Myotherapist & Master Trainer

ADAM is a qualified Myotherapist with extensive experience. He has worked for the Australian Institute of Sport, and was the Consultant Myotherapist at the Malaysian Institute of Sport under the Kuala Lumpur 16th Commonwealth Games program. ADAM is a certified member of the Malaysia Society for Soft Tissue Manipulative Therapies, and is endorsed by the Malaysian Health Ministry.

ADAM is also a certified Athletics Coach and former professional athlete, who excelled in Scottish Highland Games. He was crowned South Pacific Caber Tossing Champion in 1990, and in the same year was ranked 5th in the world in the 56lb. heavy weight throw. ADAM currently holds the Jim Bradley Speedball all-round record at BODYTECH with 303 hits in 1 minute…. and is awaiting a challenger!

OUR TEAM: Kok May Ooi

Kok May Ooi Profile

Fitness Specialist

MAY OOI holds a Masters of Education in Sports Science. Well-grounded in anatomy and biomechanics, MAY OOI is also a martial arts practitioner, having won the silver medal in the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships (2008) and the 2nd World Kuoshu All-Style Martial Arts Championship Tournament (2006).

MAY OOI currently holds the Jim Bradley Speedball women’s record at BODYTECH with 234 hits in 1 minute…. and is loving her current champ status!

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